God sent someone to take the wheel…


One day shortly after my Mother had Passed. I had a dream… It was a short kind of doze off by mistake kind of thing… That day was a very stressful and painful day for me… I had been feeling like a failure nothing seemed right in the world… I dreamed I was on a Bus home and on the way I looked out the window and saw many accidents, But the funny thing was it was all of my old vehicles… Some were just fender benders and others were a bit more serious… The bus driver just seemed to just go around them without a care… As I looked on I didn’t recognize the road any longer so I panicked and asked the bus driver if she had passed my stop and if she did, will she be turning around and coming back that way… the driver didn’t turn around but said why are you so upset? and stressed out? she then said she had not missed my stop but had to take a different road… Then she turned around and It was my Mom…  she touched my temples and they ached  from the stress… She asked me to look at the cars and notice that they represented my life… She said that in life we have had many accidents along the way, some are fender benders and some may be worst…but that if you were not killed it makes you stronger and you find away to keep moving on the road home even if you have to take a different road… find your way…Then she said look around this bus, You are not alone! and I noticed that it was old friends and relatives sitting beside me… My Mother said when you feel like your to tired to go on remember this bus ride…God sent me as your guardian angel and I’ll drive… and everyone started hugging me an saying I’ll drive you… I started crying because it felt so real…so comforting. Then the bus stopped and My Mom said look out the window… I was home and my children were waiting for me at the bus stop and I was home…After I got off the bus I hugged the children and woke up… I was ashamed about dozing off a work and I looked at my watch to see how long I had slept… it was 3 minutes… Just three minutes! and a lesson of a lifetime… I recalled this experience because I need it… I have so many blessings going on in my life with my wonderful children and the new homestead, I should be so happy… That 3 minute dream taught me that my Faith has to be bigger than my Fear because I’m not alone… God sends someone to take the wheel! Thank you Jehovah!…Thanks for letting me share…


8 thoughts on “God sent someone to take the wheel…

  1. The thing I have liked about entering the blogging scene is that it certainly has made the world smaller. You have your family and friends to support you through this but know that there are a myriad of others out there that you have not met keeping you in their prayers and supporting you from the computer screen! You did not deserve that to happen to you and I know that God has better things around the corner! Keep your chin up!


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