Like GOLD…

It’s been quite a week for me here… Of course things didn’t turn out the way I would have liked during the Elections across the board but I rejoice anyway because I clearly see the signs of the times… I understand my role in fixing my life and getting my house hold in check, Which is why I have humbled and simplified. It is also why I prepare…

I got my first order of heirloom seeds in last week and I hold them like they are gold lol, I’m so excited about all of the possibilities that I can hardly sleep thinking about how wonderful it will be… And when I finally fall asleep I DREAM!

Heirloom seeds...


4 thoughts on “Like GOLD…

  1. I could say “Ditto,” but that would be terse. So instead I will share with you that I feel your energy and excitement over your seeds, and understand your need to prepare. I feel the signs too. They are inevitable. ~ Lynda

    • Thanks Lynda, I don’t remember a time in my life time when people or even our nation has been so divided… It also part of the signs of the times… one will be taken and the other will not… once again it’s good to know I’m not alone…

  2. Your title is very apt! Seeds are so vital, aren’t they? It will be another six months before I can plant in my climate, but I am already giddy over the pretty little packets of heirloom seeds I plan to order.

    • My thoughts exactly… I can think of anything else more important than natural whole, GOD created food that agrees with our GOD given bodies… I will learn to keep the heirloom going by saving the seeds and guarding them like gold… Thanks for listening, Have a wonderful day!


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