I’m Loving It!…


My… I must say, I really miss those day’s of Garage sales, yard sales, antique shop’s and, farmers market’s hopping with Mom… It’s the last 2 day’s of my vacation and although I didn’t go anywhere this time around. I took time to practice those all important forgotten skill that keep us alive… Image

Yesterday we made homemade butter…  well… I had the children shake the large mason jars until it formed lol,…


I ordered my seeds for the little Strawberryrose  homestead farm for 2013 season…organic of course and they are heirlooms from rareseeds.com. I also figured out a pattern and that raised beds would be the best choice for me…



We went apple picking and I made applesauce and apple butter…


And last but not least, I got a chance to crochet a hat and scarf…no iI don’t have a pattern because I do most things by imagination and a feeling… a little like when cooking and adding spices to taste and a feeling…

Image Tonight I will make home made bread and biscuits… all in all, I’m happy about my vacation because I was able to see that I really enjoyed Homesteading and will continue to build this life style into my future… I’m loving it!


16 thoughts on “I’m Loving It!…

  1. As a friend of mine once exclaimed, “AWESOMESAUCE!” You have used your time to greatest advantage and included your children in on the experience!

    • thanks Lynda… at first they thought I lost my mind…kids and modern technology! but they began pitching in with big eyes and curious hearts… when something turns out right they say woooow… I think they like it as much as I do…secretly lol

      • Why thanks! I enjoy yours as well. I dream of one day soon owning a small farmstead and getting back into homesteading again. Right now we’re in suburbia and it’s a bit harder to do so here. So, for now I live vicariously through other gals like yourself! xo Peace!

  2. Your vacation sounds exhausting~but wonderful! My favorite part of the shake-butter is the buttermilk we get at the end. Nothing like it- surely not the fake buttermilk from the store! I never got used to drinking but It makes the best pancakes and chicken soak around. Okay- you’ve inspired me. I’m going to process those pumpkins today and maybe put by some apple pie filling. Then there is that gorgeous yarn I just picked up on sale at Michael’s…. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • LOL, My children exhaust me… All the school activities and Mom can you take me here and there… Ahhh the joy… You are very welcome indeed… I will be looking forward to those inspirational posts that you just mentioned… Great day!

  3. oh my gosh! Canning jar lids – why have I never thought of those when I needed a cutter that size? Thanks!


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