We Survived….


Got a chance to test my survival skills over the weekend. There’s something to be said about preparers… One word…CALM!… While food was disappearing from the store shelves. We were home cooking and playing games, I also got the opportunity to do some canning… I canned my Mothers Tomato sauce recipe


and I made pork n crout for dinner then canned the rest… We bought in wood to stay warm in case of a power outage. Ron was great Protector lol, even slept in his clothes just in case SHTF and he had to spring into action and rescue our little family… lol,


10 thoughts on “We Survived….

  1. Glad to hear you are safe, and great preparations! I’m not so sure we could have survived on my own cannings of marmalade and pear sauce alone. I suppose I should expand my pantry.

    • Hey, how are you? It was my first time being prepared an it’s the best feeling in the world… I did have all the essentials but I for got about the marmalade and pear sauces… it was missed! so I guess I’m expanding too lol,

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  3. Sounds like your were prepared as we were. We had all we needed and didn’t have to go to the store till after it was over to get ice for the cooler after we lost power. It’s nice ot be prepared 🙂


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