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from scratch club

Editor’s Note:I’m happy to announce a new {community voices} guest contributor, Swapper Becky H. Since Becky’s arrival here in Upstate NY, she has become a staple in the local food movement, becoming a KFF CSA Family and Farm Stand Crew Member and also attending FSC Academy classes and food swaps. Becky has had recent serious health issues which has seriously shifted her diet to a Paleo/WAPF type diet, while also having to manage her son’s life-threatening food allergies. I asked Becky to join the group to share her ongoing food journey through recipes, tips, and insight. First up, Becky shares her popular food swap recipe, Coconut Butter! Welcome Becky. -Christina

I am on a mission to simplify my life. It is a major lifestyle change that can be a two steps forward one step back process. My mantras right now are to eat real food and make it simple…

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