The snaggled tooth beast…

Beware my child of the snaggled tooth beast
that sleeps til noon and makes his feast on Hershey bars and
cakes of yeast, and anyone around… So if you see him sneeze 3 times
say three silly rhymes, give up all saved up dimes or else… you’ll never be found…

LOL, I think that’s how that poem went… and it worked very well for my big brother with getting all our candy bars and dimes that we worked so hard for on Halloween,,,as he proclaimed it being purely and honestly for our own protection from this beast, When I think back on those day’s I laugh my butt off at how gullible we were as kids and I guess innocence played a huge part…Those were the day! My dog flossy would sleep under my bed and wait for my candy bag to fall off while tossing and turning in the middle of the night. And it worked every time! I’d wake up to a sick dog and wet rappers and half eaten candy all over the floor…right away I start screaming “HE ATE MY CANDAYYYYYY… FLOSSY ATE MY CANDAYYYYY” lol, Every year, every time! then my mom would spend weeks home remedying the dog for worms lol, You can’t forget those hard little masks with the little slits in the mouth that aggravated you to no end lol, mostly super hero costumes although I was a witch one year… My children are a lot smarter then I was. I tried the snaggled tooth poem on my daughter and she went straight to the Internet on me… talking about “MOM that’s an old poem used to con people out off their money and candy bars!” STOPPID! geez, I just wanted a candy bar! lol, this year we are throwing our teens a Halloween party, my sister and I…It should be loads of fun….

I’m a witch…


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