Got Milk? Make Cheese…

I got milk…lol, it came from a friends farm here in Delaware. So since it hasn’t gone through extensive pasteurization I’M MAKING CHEESE…. YUMMY! Here’s the recipe…

Got Milk? Make Cheese…

5 thoughts on “Got Milk? Make Cheese…

  1. Oh how I want to try making cheese. I even put some inexpensive starter kits on my Amazon Christmas list. Was it difficult? I haven’t got access to inexpensive farm raised milk but do have a healthfood store that just started carrying unhomogenized, minimally pasteurized milk at 4.50 a half gallon. I think I’m going to invest in some.

    • No, not at all really and it was my first try lol, I decided to do it because when I bought home the milk the children looked at me like I was crazy so I thought to my self It may be to soon to start pushing the good stuff on them straight away…. Cheese came to mind and it was a success. I’m thinking about doing different kinds of cheese myself. this one was easy and fast with very minimal things needed…

  2. I am tickled to see this post as my hubby wants to buys some milk goats (for me to milk of course) and wants me to make goat cheese. I’ve been very hesitant since the research I’ve done says they need to be milked twice a day (I still have a full time job). So thank you for posting this…if we ever take the plunge, I’ll be sure to reference this post to make this cheese. 🙂


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