Taking the Baton…


She was Born in September of 1912, She saw world wars and lived through great depressions when the markets crashed. She survived segregation and bigotry and raised her Children to be extraordinary in spite of it all… she saw the landing on the Moon and the burlin wall come down, The first black President (questionable) but none the least… she had the Grand honor of welcoming four generations of her five children’s children…. what a grand event! At 100 we celebrated her life… She was the oldest living being in her county… She passed away on Oct.11th. She’s Ron’s Grandmother. I don’t want to take liberty and put her name out here but I feel the need to honor her… After all I’m following her and my mothers foot prints in this endeavor to the little strawberryrose homestead…. They were the true homesteaders and I have inherited their recipes not just with food but on life…They have passed the baton and I will do the same one day When it’s my time to say goodbye…


10 thoughts on “Taking the Baton…

  1. Nice words. My granddad lived to 102, I had my ups and downs with him, but overall took in a lot of wisdom as well. I think you’re right. How you and I live our lives is our best tribute to our forebears.


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