Oh Baby it’s cold outside…

I had to light the fire place today for the first time this fall… I love my fire place and it’s a must have for the new home…. I’ll even take a wood stove…. along with everything else I have on my plate today I’m squeezing in two loads of laundry and a pot of navy beans and smoked turkey neck bones…oh and corn bread! can’t forget that right?…Image


8 thoughts on “Oh Baby it’s cold outside…

  1. Beautiful picture. I told my neighboor I would take his tree when it cut it down. Now I have enough firewood for awhile. I also covered my useless gas fireplace to wood burning, thus I can actually keep my house warm. Another thing to check off the list. Not that it gets that cold where I live.

    Why did you choose the wood stove you have? I am planning ahead. Also, if that is a picture of your wood stove, do you have some form of fire backing? I can’t tell, but is it more than 36″ from the wall? Here is what I found at eHow.
    Firewall Materials

    A wide variety of masonry and rock materials are acceptable firewall backing, from river rock to flagstone—brick to cinder blocks. The rock or masonry material should be no less than 2 inches thick in all places. For years, fireplaces have been safely made from adobe and adobe-covered masonry.

    • Hi again… No that’s just a photo I used to illustrate my point. I have a open wood burning fire place. I’m hunting for a new home right now and having a fire place or wood burning stoves are a must… i’m also looking into buying a wood cooking stove that works as a hot water heater. I will keep your info that you supplied in your comment for future use… Thanks…

  2. A few years ago I helped out a friend after a motor vehicle accident, by painting his shed and other chores on their 5-acre spread. They gave me a wood-stove insert! Love it! I remember growing up with pot-bellied cast iron stoves in my grandmother’s kitchen, too. Crab apple wood, apple some of the best to burn. Nice and hot and burns long. Love your blog!


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