The strawberryrose small business…

I decided to take the classes that the bank is offering in order to lock in the 3% interest rate. That certainly won’t hurt… I saw a home today that was so perfect for us but I’m trying not to think about it because it’s a short sale and I’m working on patients as it is… 2 acres an a small barn with three stalls in place… had everything I want…big country kitchen, 4bed 1 1/2bath fire place, cozy Ranch… I will continue my pursuit but this one I won’t forget… I’m making My soap, lotion and candles today since it’s also on my day off… They will be ready for the shelves at the country store by morning… Also taking Sherri to gymnastics and Nathan to volunteer at the hospital as it is a requirement for his ROTC class… then I will fuss with Ron as to why he isn’t helping more…SMH! A Mothers day never end LOL….Image



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