ohhh the possibilities….

My new dehydrator….


6 thoughts on “ohhh the possibilities….

  1. So jealous! It sounds like you have dreams so similar to mine despite the age-gap. (I’m closer in age to your children!) I wish I had a dehyrator. I am going to have to get one for sure come spring…!

    • Awwww, this is why I started posting… I want to share and learn. So share with me ok? I’m going to dehydrate potatoes and apples this week and I will share photo’s. The dehydrator wasn’t very expensive, about 30.00… might be for you at your age though but Christmas is come :o)

      • I am very blessed to have a loving boyfriend with wealthy parents. XD It’s the reason we don’t have to have a home loan and can just buy the house and all the repairs for it at once. Despite this we live well below our means (with the exception of our purebred husky that keeps getting sick) and $30 is a fairly large amount to just spend on something.
        However, christmas is a good iea. I am asking for some crazy things (like battery-powered tools) as it is so a dehydrator might actually be seen as normal and reasonable!
        I’ll be trying to share as much as I can. I’ve spent long enough learning about all this crud it’d be such a waste not to share!

        • Blessed indeed. Nice to meet you. I just got done doing a lot of over time the past few days to pay a doctor bill for mt fam dog that got hurt…. I’m following you guy’s so it, should be fun!…have a great day…

  2. I’ve been wanting a dehydrator for a while. But first I need a house with a kitchen. No place to store any more equipment at the moment. I’ve also considered solar dehydrating. I’ve been thinking about working on that angle for a while.

    • Hi Kellymcmichael…I picked it up at kmart along with a canning pot. I also thought about solar dehydrating… and oven dehydrating, and although I have the electric one now I will learn how to make the solar one also. that way I can use less electric in the future. I live in a house right now that’s pretty nice but like you it’s not mine… I’m working on getting my own little homestead at this moment…


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