A nudging?

Going looking at Homes again this week. I’m not looking for a lot of land just about an acre. One level ranch with a fire place. I have been doing some research on wood burning cooking stoves and I love that they also heat water. I live in Delaware and My electric and gas bills are Off the hook! So while I have Children that are expiring to be A judge and a surgeon I can’t come completely off the grid, However I will try it as much as I possibly can… I will grow food and raise some chickens, There’s Amish farmers markets all around me so I’m always there buying beans, dairy, grains and my meats. About a month ago I woke up with a nagging feeling that I needed to began storing food. I know I sound like a crazy alarmist and after talking to friends and family about this strange anxious feeling… I know I sound like a crazy Alarmist! lol, but never the least the nudging, nagging, anxious, feeling has not gone away… In fact the more I try to ignore it… the the worst it gets… sooo I have given in and began storing food… I looked up some stuff about it online and was happy to find that I’m not alone and more and more people are finding their way back to Mother earth…


10 thoughts on “A nudging?

  1. Where we live, canning and freezing is becoming more of the norm again. There is a large community of people who have been doing both all along, but due to the economy, more and more are joining the ranks. I grew up in a family that canned several hundred quarts of fruits and vegetables every year to provide fresh stuff in the winter and to feed a family of six. You are doing wonderful things for your children! Keep up the good work. Some day they will see how wonderful it is and may do it too.

    • I hope so… Plus I get such a good feeling of satisfaction from it. I have been browsing all of you guy’s blogs on here and it’s just inspiring! And purposeful… I will be looking for the local swaps and getting involved. I will be combing through your blog and learning learning learning! thanks so much…

  2. Not so alarmist, actually – the price of food has been creeping upward more or less unnoticed, but it’s about to increase dramatically this winter, thanks to the drought in the corn/soy belt. It’s not just the corn/soy in our processed food, it’s the animal feed for all the meat going into our freezers too. Your instinct to start putting by is right on.

    • Lol, Absolutely! It’s more of a feeling that I can do better financially and the need to pay attention to whats going on… I think the worst feeling in the world for a Mother is not being able to feed her children/ keep them warm/ and have a safe and stable place for them to prosper… I think this is the right thing to do and I’m really happy that I’m not along by any stretch of the imagination…You have know idea how much I appreciate your support… Thank you!

  3. I love canning. And storing food. And stocking up. All these things save me money, because I only stock up when things are super cheap. My goal is a year supply of food for my family and I’m almost there.
    So I don’t think you’re an alarmist, you’re just…..prepared. And awesome like me.

  4. There are lots of folks in my life who think I’m a bit nuts for doing the whole homesteading thing. It’s easy to think you’re off your rocker when everyone else is shopping for GMO food at Walmart – but you’re not! You’re just ahead of the curve.

    I’ve been homesteading for about 5 years now, until recently on a *very* tiny urban lot. It has allowed us to eat better, save money and feel more financially secure. My hubby is a business owner so pay checks don’t always come on a regular basis. We don’t worry so much about that and I was able to quit my job and be at home full time when our son was born. Now here we are only 30 years old on our own 5 acre farm! We couldn’t have done that if we didn’t homestead.

    BTW – Can’t wait to try your bacon jam!

    Cheers and good luck – there is so much help out here online for beginners – just ask!
    The Slow Foods Mama


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