The little Strawberryrose Homestead


My Name is Arlene, I’m a Mother of two Bright and very loving children. Nathan 15 and Sherri 12… Divorced for 6 years, Also a small business owner of the Strawberryrose llc. I make yummy smelling candles lotion and soap… I have a full time job with the Department of Corrections. I have been dating a Gentleman by the name of Ron. He’s been around for two years now and I’m not sure were it’s going, However I have a plan with my life and That bus is on the road…Get on or get left lol… I’m a bit feisty! got Gumption! Determination… and learning Patients… I have a dream of The Strawberryrose Homestead… I grew up in New york on some what of a farm on long Island with my Mother, single and struggling with 5 children. She was a mighty Mom, and a Homesteader that worked a full time job as an accountant and never complained. I remember our large pantry filled with jams and veggies…she was a mighty Mom indeed and she refused to accept Government assistance. She always said We will get by as long as I’m able bodied. We did! That’s why I am who I am today…I have been working on this for several months now and I’m so close I can smell it!… I’m Property hunting and It’s been hard but I’m hoping to get my Homestead by Christmas… This is my first post… Bus stop on route 1, heading to The little Strawberryrose Homestead…


10 thoughts on “The little Strawberryrose Homestead

  1. Hi Arlene, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love when someone does that because then I get the opportunity to find theirs! Good luck with your endeavor, learning to be self sufficient with teenagers isn’t easy — I have three — but hopefully you will instill in them the same values that your mother instilled in you and someday, we moms will be able to sit back and breathe!
    Good luck, I will be checking back often.


    • Hi Tammy, I really appreciate your blog and learning about families that are like mine. Taking charge of your own life and happiness is hard and yet refreshing. I’m finding peace… I will be checking in with you often also…


  2. Hi Arlene,
    This is Arlene 😊. Really, we have the same name and similar interests! We love our hens. Not only do they gift us with eggs, they are a kick to hang out with. Different personalities and lots of fun. Good luck on your property search. Will enjoy hearing from you.

    • Wow another Arlene…not so common… I have read lot of your blog and really enjoy it… I was saddened about your hen but you put it in the right perspective… you make me want to run out and get some right now but I’m working on patients…lol

  3. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and leading me to find yours! Cant wait to hear more about your journey and good luck with the home hunt Blessings Clarissa

  4. Arlene, we are doing the same thing. Living in the city and building our dream life in the country. We looked for land for 5 years before realizing that our dream to be debt-free and live in the country meant changing our idea of owning 20 acres. We found one acre, paid cash for it and are now paying cash as we build our “dream home”. I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing our ideas together. Good luck on the homestead search.

    • Hi Cheri, It’s great to hear from you. I have to wander back over to your blog. I have been reading and practicing up on old skills learned from my Mom and other bloggers… while house hunting is not bad…It’s taking every bit of my pateints and I figure if I did other things to prepare for that awesome life, then I won’t worry as much about WHEN It will come… thanks for following and working on these dreams together…

  5. Your mother sounds amazing! I love her already ❤ good luck getting your homestead! We just got our tiny, 1 acre, hometead July 20th & every day I am thankful for this place. I remember the search still, so much hope!! 🙂


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